Prints featuring animals remain as popular as ever on craft fabrics and foxes feature high in these popularity ranks.

Robert Kaufmann Fabrics
Fox and the Houndstooth by Robert Kaufmann
Robert Kaufmann foxes
Robert Kaufmann foxes on Royal background
Michael Miller fabric
Michael Miller’s Into the Woods scenic foxes

As for dressmaking fabrics, our Lady McElroy quality fabrics feature many different bird prints including herons, stalks and flamingos.

Flamingo print
Lady McElroy Botanical Flamenco
Finchley Moonlight
Lady McElroy Finchley Moonlight
Thumbelina Swallow print
Lady McElroy Thumbelina Swallow
Rushland Heron fabric
Lady McElroy Rushland Heron – Midnight

We have 18 Lady McElroy fabric designs in stock – visit our dress fabric range to view more.  We also have Monaco anti-static dress-linings in stock.

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